Hello, and Welcome to The Papa-Koy-Store.  

Our motto is:  Life is a journey, make it comfortable and fun.  

The Papa-Koy-Store is an ecommerce business.  The goal is to provide value to all shoppers.  Our story is not an amazing one, but one of wanting to live, and not wanting to struggle financially, or just survive, but thrive-and be a good provider, as we all want.  This is why we started our Shopify Store.  We hope that you find our products useful, but somewhat quirky and fun.  


We greatly value your business, and hope that you enjoy your shopping experience at The Papa-Koy-Store.  We know that trust is very important.  If you have any issues that arise, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

 Your Satisfaction is of the utmost priority.  Thank You for you business, and please return.




Papa Koy Store

President, Jerry L. Shepard




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